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Problem-Scoping Talks provide opportunities for students to identify and scope design problems, which are often messy and ill-defined, with multiple technical, material, and social considerations. Problem-Scoping Talks help students name the things they need to attend to in a problem and consider what will count as a solution. Further, these talks prompt students to reflect on what perspectives and communities need to be involved in addressing problems. They can foster rich conversations not just about identifying technical criteria and constraints, but also about the values and ethics to prioritize in their designs.

Problem-Scoping Talks

What do we need to consider to solve this problem? What would count as a solution?

Sample Teacher Prompts

Whose perspectives should we consider in solving this problem?
What does our solution have to have to be successful?
What constraints do we face in designing our solutions?

Design Talks
& the NGSS

Ideally, engineering design tasks provide an exciting context for students to engage in the NGSS practices. However, in reality, it can be challenging for a small group of students on their own to apply the full power of these practices to an engineering design process. Design Talks can help!

Problem-Scoping Talks can support students to engage in:

1. Asking questions and defining problems

Classroom Video Examples

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